Case Study

Way back in March 2009, Puget Systems blogged about Hay Meadows in, “How SEO Built Our Business”, and this not only serves as a great SEO Case Study but also as a TESTIMONIAL from a client that is still utilizing our services today!

Here are a few quotes:

“I think many people look at SEO in entirely the wrong way. They think of it as a set of tricks or special rules you need to follow to trick search engines into listing your website higher. These misconceptions are fueled by shady SEO companies (just like any industry, there are both good and bad SEO firms) that are out to make a quick buck. They’ll tell you they know the tricks, and with a flip of a switch, your site could be at the top of the listings. Don’t fall for it!”

“It takes an incredible amount of organization and proactivity, and since there is a lag between content changes and search engine updates, it also takes a “gut feeling” that you only earn after spending years of active SEO work.”

“Puget Systems has been using Hay Meadows, a local SEO firm, for basically the life of our company. We work directly with the owner and I think the results speak for themselves!”

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