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SEO Hay Meadows
SEO Hay Meadows
SEO Hay Meadows


All SEO Services are month to month, cancel at any time.  We DO NOT lock you into a contract like most SEO's, read more.

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SEO Services - The HOW!

Hay Meadows SEO offers low introductory fees where you can test our Search Engine Optimization Services. We are THAT confident we can keep your business for years to come.  Click here to request a quote.

We can usually start work within 3-5 business days and be completed with the bulk of the work within two weeks. Our organic SEO Services include;

  • SEO Consulting

  • Competition Analysis (to see which keywords they are targeting)

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Ranking Report to show where ranking prior to optimization services

  • Strategize best approach for optimal return on investment

  • Optimize website for search engines

    • Revise <title> and meta tag descriptions

    • Revise content as needed across target pages

    • Revise keyword linking to internal pages

  • Directory Submission / Link Development

  • Search Engine Submission

  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing Local search submission and optimization

  • Review Mobile SEO & Website Functionality

  • Follow-up Ranking Report in 45 to 60 days (to show progress)

  • Make any final adjustments based on rankings, competition, and projected monthly budget (if any)

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